Real Estate / Homestay / Airbnb Photography Service – 10 Tips to Prepare Your Unit for a Photoshoot

Below are 10 tips that you may observe in preparing your unit for a photoshoot. These will ensure a cleaner image and better outcome from your photoshoot session.

1. Clean the house a best as you can – this will make sure no unnecessary dust spots, or weird stains appearing in your photos and videos. This is important, as it speaks to the cleanliness of the unit, and this will affect potential prospects view on the unit.

2. Organize any furnitures and decorations in the house to suit your expression of the unit. Keep everything neat and tidy. Arrange chairs (dining chairs) accordingly and keep everything well arranged. De-clutter.

3. Make sure all blinds and shutters are wide open as to let light in. This will help better illuminate the house during the shoot.

4. Let the photographer or videographer know of any particular feature that you want to highlight – i.e. internet availability, special TV channels, coffee bar, etc. This will help the photographer get a better picture of the unit itself and allow potential prospect to better understand the facilities available.

5. Turn off any screens – TV, LCD, monitor, computer (if any) as to avoid including any unnecessary and copyrighted elements in the photo. Hide any tv remotes.

6. Make sure all lighting fixtures are working. If possible, avoid funky colour lighting fixtures in the house as to avoid funny colour shifts in the house (unless the unit is themed this way).

7. For dining table/living space, clean up any items on the main table. Make sure everything is neat and tidy.

8. Hide any trashcans, rugs, towels, and cleaning utilities in the washroom and the kitchen. Clean and wipe any mirrors that you want to have in the photo. Toilets seats down.

9. Bedroom – keep the bedroom neat and tidy. Make sure nothing is showing from underneath the bed. Remove any loose items like a charger, aircond remotes, etc from the bedside table. Fluff pillow and bedsheets, and be mindful of the colour scheme of your bed finishings – mattress, pillow cover, duvets, etc.

10. Interior repairs – water faucet, sink, washroom accessories – make sure all these features are in good condition and repaired (if needed). These are usually some of the common things that prospecting customers may look at.

Getting a new set of photographs and videos for your unit will come a long way for your business. This will provide a new look and a new start for your marketing needs.